Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life

Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life.

Modern lifestyle revolves around gadgets and things of comfort. These things affect the mind and body health to a great extent. Diseases like stress, hypertension, heart diseases, and cancer-like diseases are very common nowadays.

Increasing health and mental risk in modern life is urging for a solution. A solution that can restore mental peace and good health of the body. The search for this solution leads us to rediscover our ancient disciplines.

Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life.
Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life.

And you will be amazed to know that our ancient disciplines have some very simple but magical solutions to deal with these problems.

So, today I am going to reveal this magical solution to you. Go through this article to get the key solution for all of your problems.

Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life

Before discussing the key solution, just think about ancient times. People in ancient times live a long and healthy life. The reason being they used to follow a proper and healthy lifestyle.

This healthy lifestyle begins with early mornings that are followed by yoga and meditation. And this is the magical key solution to modern lifestyle-related problems.

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. No one can deny the importance of yoga in modern life as it offers many health benefits and provides a way to live a joyful and peaceful life. Moreover, Yoga helps to improve both the mental and physical health of a being.

importance of yoga in modern life.
Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life.

There are many cases where people overcome chronic ailments miraculously by practicing yoga. In fact, the biggest example in front of us is Ramdev Baba. The left side of his face was partially paralyzed after his birth. It was perhaps due to a congenital disability or a childhood illness. The condition prompts his left eye to squint and wink involuntarily. But today by continuous practice of yoga, he has not only recovered himself but also helped others to heal their pain.

This is very amazing to know that Yoga can change the activity of our brain, our chemistry, and even our genetic content. However, it needs no confirmation as we are witnessing it since ancient times. But today there is considerable medical and scientific evidence to prove the Importance of Yoga In Modern Life.

Technology For Transformation

Yoga is a technology for transformation. When you practice yoga daily you will be able to transform yourself into a calm and peaceful being. This is the importance of yoga in modern life that you attain a relaxed state and a level of blissfulness.

Today’s life is so hectic that every age group experience headache every now and then. And approx 80% of people are dependent on medicines to get relief from this headache.

But medicine is not the permanent solution. If everyone starts dedicating a small part of their day to yoga, this percentage can decrease.

Stress, headache, or any type of pain in the body prevents you from giving a hundred percent to your work.

This decreases your enthusiasm and adversely affects your work.

Technology For Transformation.
Importance Of Yoga In modern life.

But with the practice of yoga, you can achieve a perfectly healthy physical and mental state of your body. And thus, you can do great in your work life as well.

WHO has launched a Mobile App For Yoga WHO mYoga in collaboration with the Government Of India realizing the importance of yoga in modern life. It aims to make yoga an integral part of life and to reach the level that promotes good health.

Different Forms Of Yoga Asana

There are different forms of yoga asana like:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Anusara Yoga
  • Yin Yoga

Hath yoga is the mother of all forms of yoga. This form of yoga is best for beginners as it includes slow motion of the body. Hath yoga very gently inducts you into yoga. The very commonly known Suryanamaskar is also a form of Hath Yoga.

Different Forms Of Yoga Asana.
Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life.

These forms of yoga are not so common among people. But Suryanamaskar and Power Yoga are very common. Power yoga is Ashtanga Yoga. It includes a continuous flow of movement. Top athletes who seek intense workouts follow Ashtanga Yoga. This form of yoga creates heat in the body to purge toxins.

Thus, all the different forms of yoga follow different flows and movements of the body. But all the forms help you in attaining physical and mental strength, calmness, peace, and balanced energies.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Yoga Practice

Now you are aware of the magical benefits and importance of yoga in modern life. But while practicing yoga, you have to keep certain things in mind. Practicing yoga the right way will benefit you magically. But without proper knowledge and precautions, you can hurt yourself while doing yoga.

First of all, you should do yoga on an empty stomach. However, if you feel weak, you can have honey in lukewarm water. But also, don’t eat right after doing yoga. Have at least 30 minutes break before eating.

Secondly, the bladder and bowels should be empty before starting yoga. Further, you should perform yoga slowly and in a relaxed manner with the awareness of body and breath.

Furthermore, it is mandatory to do warm-up exercises and stretching before doing yoga to avoid any type of injury.

Do's And Don'ts Of Yoga Practice.
Importance Of Yoga In Modern Life.

Use a mat with a good grip for performing yoga. And always perform yoga in a well-ventilated space. Remember to breathe through your nostrils and not through your mouth.

Most importantly keep in mind that each yoga practice has certain limitations. So, be aware of these limitations.

If you have any type of disease, then you should consult your doctor or physician before doing any kind of yoga asana.

I hope after knowing the importance of yoga in modern life, you will practice it regularly. My good wishes are for you to start creating awareness and forming a deeper connection between the body, breath, and consciousness.

You can also read our post about The Importance Of Meditation In Daily Life.

Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years.

Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children

Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children.

Destruction, Tears, Grief, and Mourn all over in Ukraine today. Where is this war taking us? Do you really feel that war is the only option we have? And what will anyone get from this war?

How will we compensate for the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who died in this war?

How will we compensate for the most crucial time of children’s life when they should learn new things and construct themselves for a bright future?

Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children.
Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children.

Do these leaders even once think about the Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children?

Ukraine, the country known for its beautiful and diverse landscapes, well-preserved culture, and tradition is going through an intense tense situation today.

The tragic situation unfolding in Ukraine is really heartbreaking.

This war is hitting people in Ukrain both physically, and psychologically. Young kids and students especially have a more traumatic impact of the ongoing war.

Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children

War is the synonym for bloodshed, dead bodies, and violence (physical, mental and sexual). Each and everyone suffers badly. Talking about children who have the worst impact. They have to leave their homes. Other than this, most of the children are separated from their caregivers.

Many of them are exposed to sexual abuse. The blaring siren of missile alert systems, bombs, and different types of violence has shaken the children vigorously. These things have devastating impact of Russia Ukraine war on children. These are not the only things they are suffering from. Lack of food, clean drinking water, freezing cold, inadequate health, and medical care, and loss of studies are other factors impacting them.

Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children.
Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children.

What the world will get from this war is a Traumatized Generation. This is the most devastating psychological impact of Russia Ukraine war on children. Depression, anxiety, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are quite common mental disorders in children and adults. These disorders may lead to raised levels of disturbances and a lack of focus.

However, the symptoms of PTSD may vary, but intense fear, helplessness, anger, sadness, horror, or denial are very common among them. Other than these, they may also develop some physical symptoms like sleeplessness, sudden and extreme emotional reactions, headache and stomach ache.

Furthermore, the repeated experience of such trauma may cause emotional numbing to death or may block the trauma.  However, intense care, support, and affection may help them heal but that too becomes difficult in such times.

The devastating psychological impact of Russia Ukraine war on children has not only shaken the people there but the whole world is terrified and worried. 

Escape And Survival In War Hit

Students from other countries in Ukraine have shared their harrowing journey of escape and survival.

As per Hindustan Times, Aditya, one of the students who is now back home from the war-hit area says it was really hard to escape. Further, he along with his friends set their luggage on fire to protect themselves from freezing cold. When they somehow manage to cross the second checkpoint, they saw students already waiting there for four days.

Escape And Survival In War Hit.
Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children.

Another student Iqra says that “We were so weak emotionally but we had to be strong. We didn’t know what would happen. We just believed that our government would do something for us. I fear for those stuck in Kharkiv. I saw the attack happen just once, they are constantly hearing bombs go off”.

Aditya, Iqra, and their friends are now back home. But there are many others who are still facing the war and hoping for a safe escape.

Ray Of Hope Amidst War

If there is cruelty and negativity, there is kindness and positivity also. In this hard time, many countries, communities, and individuals are helping the victims in Ukraine.

The EU is standing firm in giving its unwavering support to Ukraine. Stepping up its political, humanitarian, financial, and military support to the country, the EU is providing protection to people there.

Other than this, the Ukrainian Red Cross teams are working tirelessly to help people and communities in need there. Along with food and shelter, they are providing safe passage and financial assistance to refugees.

UNICEF is providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children.

Further, an Indian restaurant Saathiya in the capital city of Kyiv is providing food and shelter to many Ukrainians. Dozens of children, older locals, homeless people, students, and pregnant women are getting shelter and protection in this restaurant.

Ray Of Hope Amidst War.
Devastating Psychological Impact Of Russia Ukrain War On Children.

If the war shows the negative side of a few people, this kindness and helping hands show the positive side of the world. Uniting together, we can overcome any situation. They are teaching us to stay strong and Say No To Giving Up whatever may be the situation.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance”. – John Lennon

With this, I hope the peace will restore soon in both countries and pray for the soldiers and people who sacrificed their lives in this war for keeping the hope alive.

5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime

5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.

The world today is facing various serious issues among which juvenile crime is the most threatening one.

In fact, the recent data says, juvenile crimes are increasing faster than any other type of crime all over the world. Teens are involved in cases like rape, murder, kidnapping, mass shootings, robbery, sexual assault, etc.

5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.
5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.

Where is our youth going? What are the factors enforcing our youth towards juvenile crime? Let us discuss and try to understand the 5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.

5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime

It is hard to accept the grim reality of today’s youth. But the teens alone are not responsible for this condition. Along with teens, parents, teachers, and society are equally responsible for this deteriorating condition of youth. Further, from the Kathua rape case, gang rape in Delhi, bullying and assaulting by celebrities’ children in Oshiwara to the mass shooting in an elementary school in Texas by a teen, every case is forcing us to dig out deeply into the reason behind these crimes.

Below are the 5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime:

  • Firstly, Family.
  • Secondly, Economic Issues.
  • Furthermore, Psychological Problems.
  • Social Evils.
  • Peer Pressure and Social Media.
5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.
5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.

So, these are the 5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime as per the research. Children are just like wet mud. They shape themselves according to the environment they get around them. Whatever they see, feel, and experience makes up their mindset and personality. Now, let us discuss how these 5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime impact a child.

Impact Of family

The first school of the children is their family. Explicitly, they have a great impact of the family atmosphere on them. Whatever they see in their family constructs their initial mentality for the society and world.

Notably, parents play a most important role in shaping up their children and setting values and morals in their life. Parents’ conflicts, single parentship, lack of trust and confidence, and unequal treatment among children may lead to behavioral problems among children.

Risk Factors For Juvenile Delinquency

Economic Issues

In many cases, parents are not able to meet the high financial aspirations of their children. Youth wants to improve their financial status and for this, they sometimes choose the wrong path and involve themselves in criminal activities.

Psychological Problems

Mental illness or other psychological problems like anger, frustration, depression, ego problem, etc also forces youth on the wrong pathway. Youth today have become more restless and short-tempered. A small fight can turn into bloodshed. A Mass Shooting By a Teen in Elementary School in Texas is the most recent and threatening example of a psychological problem.

Risk Factors For Juvenile Delinquency.
5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.

Social Evils

The world today is facing many social evils related to youth like ageism, sexism, child labor, etc. Many times youth faces discrimination on the basis of these social evils. Improper or low level of understanding and communication gap with parents or guardians leads youth to the path of crime or violence.

Peer Pressure and Social Media

Social media and peer pressure are known as silent destroyers. Children today are involving themselves in social media and friends more than the family. Many times these two leads to a good path but the bitter truth is that it pushes children to more negativity most of the time. Children trust them more than their own families and get involved in activities that harm them in long run.

Ways To Prevent Child Delinquency

So, we have discussed the 5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime. It is clear that the problem is very complex and growing at a great pace. Thus, it is very important to review the pattern of parenting and the environment we are providing to our children.

Lack of communication is the biggest problem here as I can see. Children are afraid to share their problems with their parents and thus trust a stranger more than their own families.

Ways To Prevent Child Delinquency.
5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime.

Parents should maintain an equal balance of strictness and friendliness with their children. So that, they fear doing the wrong but can share if anything or anybody troubles them. Along with this, parents should focus more on teaching morals and values to their children. Other than moral teachings, parents should also involve their children in meditation and ethical teachings.

However, everybody today is aware of The Importance Of Meditation In Daily Life. Meditation and ethics help to control the negativity and give a clear understanding between right and wrong.

With these, I hope we can prepare our children to fight the 5 Leading Factors Behind Increased Juvenile Crime and find the right way always.