7 Best Colors For Healing

7 Best Colors For Healing

We all are aware that colors carry vibrations. Healing therapy of colors is based on the fact that colors create an electrical impulse in our brain. This impulse then stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes in our body. The process then either stimulates or calms us as a result.

We are living in a world full of beautiful colors everywhere. Can you imagine a life without colors? I think none of us wants these beautiful colors to disappear from our life. Instead, we use these colors in every area of our life. To show our emotions, to signal something specific, to give a variation, and many more things where colors help us.

Color Speaks.
7 Best Colors For Healing.

But do you know that these colors are natural healers and can help in curing pain? Yes, you are reading it so right. Today, we will discuss the properties of these 7 best colors for healing here and how we can use them more effectively and consciously to better our lives.

7 Best Colors For Healing

These 7 best colors for healing are the colors that induce peace, calmness, elevate mood and make you happier. Many countries like India are already using this healing power of colors since ancient times. Even today also, chromotherapy is a very important method for gentle treatment. However, it is important to know that this therapy is not used as an alternative for medical treatment.

Color therapy in fact is a non-harmful and holistic treatment to bring about balance, wellness, and health to your mind and body. You should know that each color among these 7 best colors for healing has a different frequency or vibration. These vibrations during color therapy improve your mood and overall health.

You can also experience this color therapy along with aromatherapy in many salons. Some of the salons also give a massage by projecting different colors of lights on your body to stimulate health and healing. Moreover, the use of color shades from these 7 best colors for healing in color therapy varies depending on the type of ailment or disease you are trying to cure.

Like, the blue or purple are anti-inflammatory and calming. The green color helps to purify and cleanse. White and yellow colors help in stimulating the lymphatic system. The red light however is invigorating but it can cause agitation if you are in tension.

Best Colors For Healthcare

By using these 7 best colors for healing for room or clothing, one can change the patient’s mood appreciably. Also, it can bring about health benefits to the mind and body of the patient. Lets us discuss some healing colors which one can use in hospitals.


The first color among the 7 best colors for healing is red. Lets us talk about a passionate color, that is red. Red is a zealous and warm color. The red color induces liveliness and stimulates energy. It enhances adrenaline and elevates blood pressure. Due to the elevation of blood pressure, one should not use red color while the patient is in hypertension. This is why the use of red color is moderate in the hospitals.

However, at home, in order to stimulate the appetite of a weak patient, you can use red color. This first color among the 7 best colors for healing is also helpful in alleviating depression. Moreover, it is the topmost healing color for enhancing sexual appetite and overall vitality.


Chromotherapy says that orange is one of the best colors for hospitals, especially for the children’s room. The reason it is best is that it radiates warmth. The orange color is also associated with joy and happiness. You should also know that not just seeing the orange color but eating the orange fruit is also very helpful. Fruit orange is full of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants heal and fight free radicals to boost immunity. Thus, when you watch the color healing chart for cancer treatment, orange is an important color there.

Most Cheerful And Restful Colors

Every one of us wants to be cheerful and restful, don’t we? So, let us read about the colors that enhance happiness and relaxation in our lives.


If you will search for the best healing colors for hospitals, you will see yellow ranking first on the list. Yellow is the bright and cheerful color that helps stimulating intelligence. Also, this color detoxifies the body and mind that helps in healing the patient quickly. Patients suffering from skin problems should expose themselves more to yellow color for healing. However, the yellow color can also inspire creativity in drowsy and somnolent people. This color has many healing properties but you should avoid overexposure to yellow as it may affect your digestive health and can cause stomach pain and insomnia.

Colors For health and Wellness.
7 Best Colors For Healing.


The most beautiful color that symbolizes nature and is very comforting and relaxing is the green color. This color is best for balanced healing properties. The green color is a restful color and it symbolizes growth and renewal. This relaxing color also encourages comfort and equilibrium. The green color is particularly beneficial for the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Green perfectly connects the interior with nature and gives the feeling of freshness. It also affects concentration positively.

This restful color attracts harmonious feelings that fight away the anxiety and keeps you calm and refreshed. The most stress-reducing shades in the greens family are beige green and pale yellow-green.

Symbolism Of Spirituality And Affection

Some of the colors symbolize spirituality and affection. Let us know which colors are they and how they help in healing.


This spiritual color is very important for healing as it is linked with calmness, serenity, and confidence. Blue color helps in lowering blood pressure and reduce rapid heart rate. This color is actually very relaxing for the mind and body.  The blue color is associated with the organs like eyes, nose, and ears. Also, it is involved with the senses like sight, smell, and sound.


We all know pink color as a feminine color. But do you know that pink is a very soothing color that shows care and affection? The pink color also shows peace and tranquility. It will be very interesting for you to know that Feng Shui believes pink soothes various energies in the home and keep them understated.

The peacefulness of this color promotes the balance of your energies. This light-hearted color also stimulates happiness. If one goes for too much bright pink color, it might stimulate energy and encourage passionate behavior.


Both, purple and violet colors among these 7 best colors for healing, as well as their related shades like lilac and lavender, are connected with spirituality. These healing colors among the 7 best healing colors for healing are also linked with perception, higher consciousness, and insight. Health-wise, these colors are linked with the cerebral and nervous systems.

Colors For Healing Your Vibe

Each color has its own frequency, vibration, and corresponds to a particular chakra in your body. Selecting and using the right color allows you to harness its frequency vibration, which in turn helps you to create your reality.

Here I am listing the colors with their healing vibes. Have a look-

Indigo – Serenity, peaceful, intuitive.

Purple – Ambition, luxury, confidence.

Magenta – Self-respect, passion, cooperation.

Red – Leadership, will power, grounded.

White – Perfection, purity, illumination.

Blue – Stability, loyalty, creativity.

Lavender – Vitality, gentleness, youth.

Pink – Self-love, patience, romance.

Orange – Abundance, determination, friendliness.

Yellow – Positivity, inner strength, joy.

Green – Healing, compassion, Prosperity.

Black – Protection, mystery, grieving.

Brown – Security, warmth, foundation.

Beige – Flexibility, neutral, dependability.

Lime – Playful, anticipation, naivety.

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