Importance Of Gratitude In Life

Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

Today, I am going to share something about the magical power that lies within us. By using this magical power, anyone can attract abundance in his or her life. This magical power is “Gratitude”. You can also call it thankfulness, graciousness, appreciation, acknowledgment, or credit. So, yes, today’s post is about Gratitude and the Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

Gratitude Equals Happiness.
Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

In my opinion, gratitude is directly proportional to happiness. And after reading this post till the end you will also agree with me. Till now, I have read many writings of great personalities and also I observed this magic in my personal life. When you feel grateful or express your gratitude towards something, you will attract it more in your life.

Importance Of Gratitude In Life

I think, each and every one of us has experienced or has felt the importance of gratitude in life. Gratitude brings smiles to faces, happiness to hearts, strength to the body, encouragement for work, and love to the relationship. Heartfelt gratitude brings people closer and the absence of gratitude can even break the relationships.

You can observe it on yourself also. Just think of three people in your life. The first one, who always appreciates your efforts, expresses his gratitude towards your work or help. And also encourages you for doing more. Second, a person is someone who likes your work but never expresses his gratitude for you. Neither he discourage nor disparages you nor he appreciates you for anything. A third person is a person who always talks negatively about your work. He discourages you every time and even ignores your efforts also.

Grateful Heart Attracts Abundance.
Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

Now, tell me honestly which person will actually encourage you to work more? Each and every one of us likes to be appreciated for our efforts, don’t we? And gratitude always encourages us to put more effort into our work more than anything else. We, humans, are always thirsty for appreciation, so I think there’s no better motivation to encourage us than the grateful expression for our work.

The importance of gratitude can be seen in every area of life. Practicing gratitude can bring you all the abundance and more which even seems impossible to you.

The Golden Thread Of Gratitude

The practice of gratitude can be traced from thousand and thousands of years ago. Power and importance of gratitude in life were preached and practiced, and from there was passed on through the centuries. Gratitude is the core of every religion. It is the very basis of this beautiful life. Let’s have a look at some of the sayings by important idols of some major religions known to us.

Buddha said, “You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy”.

Muhammad said, “Gratitude for the abundance you have received is the best insurance that the abundance will continue.”

Krishna said, “Whatever he is offered he accepts with joy and gratitude.”

The Golden Thread Of Gratitude.
Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

Lao Tzu said, “If you rejoice the way things are, the whole world will belong to you.”

King David spoke of giving thanks to the whole world, for everything between the heavens and the Earth.

Jesus said “Thank You” before he performed each miracle.

The practice of gratitude is at the roots of most indigenous traditions.

We human beings have a tendency to focus on what we don’t have in our life rather than being thankful for what we have in our life. If we observe our lives, we will find ourselves in the ocean of blessings. Many people will not agree with me at this point and will start counting the bad things or lackings in their lives.

Life Is Full Of Things To appreciate

I am saying, just for once, think about the morning light you receive when you wake up. You are alive, you have a new day, a new opportunity. Give thanks to God for this new day first thing in the morning. Mother nature has provided you with delicious fruits and vegetables to eat, pure water to drink, fresh air to breathe. Give thanks to mother nature for making all these available to you. Give thanks for your beautiful and strong body. Each and every cell of your body functioning so well.

Life is full of things to appreciate. After all these things, if you don’t find any reason to be grateful for then the fault lies within yourself. It is like you are making efforts for someone on daily basis, providing him with every necessary thing and that person instead of being grateful for all these things keeps on searching for and complaining of the lackings.

Life Is Full Of Things To Appreciate.
Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

How would you feel if you encounter such a person? Would you want to help him any further? Still, God keeps on blessing us and we being ungrateful fail to enjoy his blessings.

If we go through history, we will find loads of famous personalities who practiced gratitude and whose achievements put them amongst the greatest human beings ever lived.  Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, the Dalai Lama, Aesop, Emerson, Dickens, Lincoln, Jung, Newton, Einstien, and many more.

How To Practice Gratitude In Daily Life

Many of us often show our gratitude occasionally like when we receive any gift or service from anyone. It is good but it doesn’t make you a grateful person. Because we show gratitude here out of manners not because we really feel grateful for that thing or service.

Confused? Let me explain in simple words.

To practice gratitude in your daily life, you should be grateful for everything you have now, whether it is a small pin or a big house or car or anything. Because you see, whether it is a small thing or a big one, it has its importance in its place. A car can not perform a pin’s work and a pin can not drive you to places.

Start Each Day With Grateful Heart.
Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

If you have good health, you should be thankful for your good health, good food, freshwater to drink, air, a new day, good clothes, a happy family, teachers, friends and many more like this. Be thankful for all the materialistic and non-materialistic things you have.

Magic Of Gratitude

Do you know, you can change a negative situation into a positive one by practicing gratitude. For example, if you find that your relationship with anyone is not good, you can create a mental image of that person. Say thank you to that person mentally. Express as much gratitude as you can mentally and see that person is being good with you in your imagination. Practice this for few days. Eventually, you will see a positive change in that person’s attitude.

This is how you can mend your relationships with anyone you want just by this simple exercise.

Einstien’s Achievements And Gratefulness

You can also practice gratitude for any negative condition like you don’t have a job or any other thing you want in your life. This method will do wonders for you.

We all know Albert Einstien very well. The discoveries of Albert Einstein changed the very way in which we see the universe. When he was asked about his monumental achievements, he spoke only of giving thanks to others. We know him as the most brilliant minds of all time. This person thanked other people over a hundred times a day for the work they had done.

It is no wonder that so many mysteries of life were revealed to him. He was the man who made some of the greatest scientific discoveries in history.

Gratitude Turns Life Into Gold.
Importance Of Gratitude In Life.

The scientists, philosophers, inventors, discoverers, and prophets who practiced gratitude earned their results in life. They were aware of the importance of gratitude in life and its inherent power. Yet the power and importance of gratitude are unknown to most people today. The reason is, in order to experience the magic of gratitude in your life, you have to practice it!

So, practice gratitude and achieve your dreams, Say No To giving Up in Life.

I hope this post will give you understand of the importance of gratitude in life. With the hope of seeing a positive change in my reader’s lives, I wish you a happy and grateful Life. Thank you so much for giving it a read! Stay Happy and Healthy!

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